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looking for os10 based software for preschool and kindergarten or maybe website/webbased that contains this even for subscription (now that would be a great service--take anywhere)

found some software but all classic and it's sluggish on my ibook and ask to uninstall recent versions of quicktime and places an older version

i've tried and noggin but are too young for my 3 y/o daughter and have the same "games"

take a look at my website for my recent adoption


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    software is pretty slim for that age group with OSX

    I actually bought a cheap Celeron computer simply so my kids would have a machine to run all the "JumpStart" and "ReaderRabbit", etc CD's.

    I figure they need to lern to operate in that world too though... at least that's how I justify it
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    My kids are a bit older so they did their early learning software in OS 9. The current software for early learning in OSX is at

    Then click Toddlers and Early Learning.

    According to the list they have 352 early learning software.

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