Lowering Default Font in Safari

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I don't know if it's just me, but I like my font a step down, on Safari, instead of this big clunky font. Is there anyway that I can set Safari to have a smaller default font? I am getting a bit tired of lowering it myself every time I open a new window. (AppleInsider uses a perfect size, of course) Thanks for your help.


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    bigbluebigblue Posts: 341member
    Preferences -> Appearance -> set the Standard font size to your desire.

    Offcourse, these are overruled by sites using stylesheets (CSS).
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    I have it on 10 - Geneva (and even tried it on Heveltica Nue), but on 99% of the sites i visit it still pops up at about a 12 pt. font. 12 pt. font makes me want to gauge my eyes out Any other suggestions?
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    I don't know if you have already tried this or not, but you can increase/decrease all the fonts in Safari up or down a notch by pressing

    "CMD" + "=" (Increases font sizes)

    "CMD" + "-" (Decreases font sizes)

    This is what I use and the settings seem to stick as I go from one website to another.

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    ya, I do that, but I am crazy and close my Safari window a lot, so I didn't know if there was just a simple way to keep it so that I didn't have to use those commands every time.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Yes, it's called the Preferences, as already pointed out... but, as also already pointed out, web pages you load can override this with a CSS stylesheet. For those, you're simply going to have to manually modify it to your liking when they come up.
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