right clicking & extra button mouse???

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im wondering what mouse is best for using a right click feature on apple? or more "clicks" for things like shake which require 3 buttons? what are the coolest mice? bluetooth? etc?

i was also wondering, if i buy a bluetooth keyboard, does it have a usb slot like the usb keyboards in which i can plug my mouse into?

(all powerbooks come with 2 bluetooth antennas right? enough for a bluetooth mouse and keyboard? and the powermac bluetooth module as well?)


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    I really like the Kensigton Studio mouse. It has a scroll touch pad. three buttons, and it's a nice reliable mouse. Comes in two version. Wireless and none.
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    ericgericg Posts: 135member
    Just bought me a Microsoft Intellimouse which I like so far and yes I bought this mouse also for Shake and Cinema4D
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    Bluetooth keyboard does not have any USB ports, but using Apple's Wireless Mouse with the Wireless Keyboard works great, don't worry. I have the bluetooth mouse but when I need more precision (e.g. when using Photoshop), I use Logitech's MX310. It has two buttons, a scroll wheel, back/forward buttons for browsing the web and a special button for switching between applications (same as Command-Tab).
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