ZIF G4s ridiculously slow?

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Why are the ZIF G4 upgrade cards so darn slow? I want to upgrade my 350 G3 to a GHz G4, but Sonnet doesn't like ZIF slots apparently. Is ZIF incompatible with the new G4 chips or something, or is Sonnet just lazy? I mean, you can upgrade a 9600 to a faster chip than you can upgrade the G3 B/W to. Please excuse my ranting.

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    multimediamultimedia Posts: 1,027member
    I agree with you. I'd like to upgrade my B/W overclocked to 500 MHz G3 to a dual 1GHz or at least one 1 GHz G4. Still waiting for an appropriate Zif option myself.
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    You guys do know that the B&W mahines, even though they have a 100MHz bus only have 400MBps bandwidth to the processor? Also it runs on the 60X bus which the 745X series is not completely compatible with. It's possible with some extreme engineering but I don't think they will ever produce a 745X CPU upgrade for the B&W/beige PowerMacs. Duals are even more beyond...

    Best bet is a 600-650MHz 7410 upgrade.

    (only PowerMacs with AGP slots have the MPX bus.)
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