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Hey all, I just upgraded to iPhoto 4 from iPhoto 2, and now when I sort by albums, many of albums are listed twice with one of them being titles thumbs. The quality of the thumbs album isn't as great as the other because the pictures are all pixelated. When I used iPhoto 2, there were duplicates of many of hte pictures as well. I am not sure why this is, and I want to delete the extra pictures, but I want to make sure that is okay, because I have no idea what the thumbs are. Thanks in advance.


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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    I think, though I am not sure that those duplicates are pictures that you altered in some way. So lets say you have an original picture, and you adjust the contrast or brightness, then the duplicate stores all of that information while your original file stays unharmed so that you can revert any time you want to the original photo, so, I would say that the duplicates are safe to delete so long as you have the originals, and you know which is which...
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    Thanks for the reply. I thought that might be the problem, but the simple fact is that I have not altered near as many pictures as there are duplicated. For instance, it usually isn't just an individual picture that is duplicated, but rather the entire role of film.
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    skyboltskybolt Posts: 111member
    If you truly have duplicates, a small program called iPhoto Diet will get rid of them for you. Try Versiontracker. There are various configurations you can choose, depending on exactly what you want to do. Good luck!
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