Just Purchased a 20gig iPod....have a question.

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Is there any way to import and view text on the screen...kinda like a book (only not that much text).

I realize this is not a PDA, and I probably can't do this by default, but I was hoping there were some 3rd party files maybe that I can get on the net to make this possible.

Reguardless I will love it, as I have wanted an iPod since the first was released, but told myself to wait untill it had a color screen, I now realize thats not necessary.

I also got it personalized for free, which was a great addition. "For those about to rock..."

Long Live Apple and the iPod!


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    If you are using a Macintosh, you can synchornize your calendar, to-do, notes and more. You can also the device as an external hard disk. There are third party applications that allow you to download weather reports and news to your iPod when you plug it in. There are a lot of things that can be accomplished with an iPod. Try websites that are dedicated to the device for more info.
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    I think it does have a text-reading ability.

    "Store Text Notes

    You?ve got playlists. You?ve got To-do Lists. And you can carry both with you on iPod. iPod?s Notes Reader lets you take text-based information such as news downloaded off the web, stock tips, your workout regimen, restaurant reviews, directions, your shopping list with you on your travels. Just transfer it via FireWire or USB 2.0 to iPod from your computer (Mac or PC)."

    You can find the Text Notes in the Extras.

    What the iPod can do.
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    Wow thanks guys. I like this place more than I thought, people are actually helpful!
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    Wait until you get to know us

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    Glad to be of help.
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    My girlfriend uses iFlash to create flash cards to study, and you can load them onto your iPod as notes, it is kinda cool.

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