ComboDrive vs SuperDrive

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I know that you're able to record DVDs with the SuperDrive, and not on the Combo. But which drive is faster for everything else, the ComboDrive ? How much faster ? Can you make some comparisons ?

All those 24x, 8x, gnagnagna, labels doesn't mean anything to me. Just griberish.

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    Burns DVDs at 2X

    Reads DVDs at 6X

    Writes CD-Rs at 8X

    Writes CD-RWs at 4X

    Reads CDs at 24X

    Combo Drive:

    Reads DVDs at 8X

    Writes CDs at 16X

    Writes CD-RWs at 10X

    Reads CDs at 32X

    To answer your question: while the Combo Drive can't burn DVDs, it's 33% faster when reading CDs and DVDs, 100% faster when burning CDs, and a whopping 150% faster when burning rewritable CDs.
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