Plz post new dual 867 or Gig iTunes visuals FPS?

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I'm curious to see what FPS the standard iTunes visualizer gets at full screen on either the dual 867 or dual gigs.

If a couple of people could post FPS plus what other variables like screen resolution, RAM and graphics card they have it would help much-ly.

If at all possible some benchmarks while not running other apps in the BG ...'cept maybe - who turns that off?

I'm probably getting a 'stock' dual 867 with an added 512mb of RAM and GF4mx , might be upgrading the graphics card later to a Radeon 9700 or a GF4ti if they drop in price.

The DVI to VGA adapter will be plugging into an Aver VGA/TV converter (I think), then passing through to my secondary (VGA) monitor which is 17" @1024x768. From there the visuals can go to my TV room where iTunes already plays nice with my stereo receiver.

The machine is primarily for work though believe it or not

Thanks for any iTunes benchmarks/FPS you can give us!


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    I got a DP867/1.25GB last week and tried the iTunes visuals with the stock GeForce4mx, it was pulling between 75-80fps constant @ 1024x768 The day after I got the machine I pulled the GeForce and popped in a Radeon 8500, it pulls between 85-90fps constant @ 1024x768.

    A friend of mine just got a DP1ghz/256mb with a Geforce4Ti and his does between 95-105fps @ 1024x768.

    In my opinion the ATI cards are better overall, They get smoked in 3D games by the Nvidia cards, but provide better 2D performance for "real work" like Photoshop etc. The drivers also seem to be a bit more "mature". I am interested in seeing how the Radeon 9700 performs, when and if it ever sees the light of day on the Mac.
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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    Dual Gig 1.5GB, ACD, Jan-2002 DA, QS with GForce4Ti 60 fps 10.2

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    jerombajeromba Posts: 357member
    this is very strange, on my DP800 with a GeForce 3 and Jaguar, I've got between 30 fps (OpenGL, high rez display) and 60 fps (OpenGL, faster rez display)...
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    I have the new dual gig w/geForce Ti and I get 63 fps full screen. Not sure how others are getting 90-105 fps.

    I got the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Game and maxed out all the video options. I'm not sure how to check the FPS but the game plays as smooth as silk (when it doesn't crash)

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    Ouch, 63fps on a geforce4ti? On my DP800/geforce3 here at work I get 66fps on high rez and 150fps on low rez running 10.1.5.

    here are some screenshots

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    s2s2 Posts: 11member

    My current Sawtooth G4 350 is only able to do about 14fps on either of my 2 graphics cards. with (full screen 'large' mode). The resolution is 1024x768.

    I have the original AGP Rage 128 pro (16mb) and a Voodoo3 3000.

    Despite the Voodoo not being supported by OS X, it renders the visuals about the same as the ATi card, leading me to think it's largely the CPU doing all the work.

    Let's hear some more #'s,

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