What Rumor sites? They're all DEAD!

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
If he said Apple internet rumor discussion boards, sure. But in comparison to the pre-Jobsian era, all the rumor sites have died, had their corneas stolen, been buried and shriveled up in comparison!

Jobs issued a challenge to them only after killing them. Let Worker Bee live and the sites will, and he in no way can say BEYOND THE RUMOR SITES. Of course that will never happen. So, it's not a fair fight.

I am here to say that Jobs can't deliver. But, the only ones paying attention are the small speck of sand like the people here. 99.999% of the population of the world or even Apple's target market has no clue to this tete-a-tete. So, if he disappoints a couple dozen people, what does he care? He just cares about his G5 (jet), and vegan wackosity.

I can hold in my hands the number of SERIOUS attempts at a solid-ass rumor from the collective rumor sites and their skeleton crew accompaniment. The rest has been fan boy speculation, and cold-war total fabrication.

If ever there was a reason to have ZERO inventory for folks like us, it is now. If Jobs and company are serious about this hype, then they are in effect giving anyone who is aware of it absolutely NO REASON to buy anything this week.

I'll be blown away when I can create an MPEG-1 stream from my Quicktime or iMovie source in anything less than 10 times the source, since it takes me over 12 hours to cconvert a 30 minute source as it stands now. 12 freaking hours! Blow me away would mean 1:2.

Jobs can't deliver anything but hype. He is Barnum reincarnate.
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