Do you feel the current crop of powermacs are a stop-gap?

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..they remind me of the yikes!..not quite all the pieces are in place..

..the ddr cockup in the new ones seems to insinuate that apple thought they'd be getting the new g4s and moto - as usual - screwed it up.

..leaving apple having to go dualie.

..also whens this 'graphical co-pro' that apple's making going to come out ?


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    multimediamultimedia Posts: 1,027member
    Perhaps. But they do deliver more power for the same money as in March. So in that sense no.

    I saw them last night in Palo Alto at the Jaguar Premiere. And I MUST have the dual 1.25 in October. Between this increased power and Jaguar this Fall's buyer is getting both more hardware power AND a lot more software power as well.

    In a sense, every generation of PowerMac is a "stop-gap" model until it is replaced with the next line. But this time around one is looking at quite a leap because of the CASE. I am sure I can fit 1.1 Terabytes (6X200MB) inside PLUS the TWO OPTICALS.

    3 Words:

    I like it.
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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    There has only been one real stop-gap product so far (the yikes) and that as announced.

    I'd expect apple to do that too.

    The xserve architecture is here to stay for at least another round, I'm pretty sure, so no, this is not more of a stopgap than, for example the DP 800 QS was.

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    wormboywormboy Posts: 220member
    Stop gap is the wrong phrase. Yikes was not a stop gap; it was a transition.

    The new machines are transition machines.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
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    multimediamultimedia Posts: 1,027member
    Well put. This new case will probably be around for several years. I see the case as the physical manifestation of the beginning of a new era at Apple where function trumps fashion without sacrificing aesthetic excellence and design quality. This si the first tower Apple has ever made that accomidates the absolute minium needed two 5.25" drive external bays, 3 IDE buses (2x66+1x100), room for 6 hard drives inside (4 in brackets + 2 above the opticals-connected to an optional ATA 133 PCI card). This is the most exciting transition set of Macs in Apple's history.
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    Transitional, indeed! Well done!

    Or, for another way of looking at it, consider the current machines as a technology preview. Clearly, the way forward lies in identifying bottlenecks of every kind and in eliminating them, reducing them, but at least addressing them.

    That, as much as increasing CPU / co-processor capabilities and performance, is the face of Apple's future. We might only catch a bit of that wave in this release, but better some than none.

    Putting lipstick on the pig, or that commercial where the guy hires every yoyo on the street to staff the IT department? THAT's stop-gap!
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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    The dual gig price dropped $500 from January to August with higher bus speed, up to 2gigs of memory, dual opticals, 4 HD (and RAID), new case and faster I/O. That's not bad.

    Can't see what else Apple could have done with the state of MOFO.

    and you get Jaguar for free, if they would have given out 3-years of .mac, it would relaly be sweet.
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