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I have a text box that when clicked a new window opens. in this new window the user can search for information, lets say a customer address. when they find the record i want them to be able to click on it and then have the data show up on the tex boxes in the orignal window. I have seen this done before but can not figure out how to make it work. Has any one done this before or have any ideas on how to do this?




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    Really complex javascript.

    ...Or have the click in the window close the window and submit a form (in reverse order of course) which allows the data to be shown in the (refreshed) main page.
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    assuming that you just need the script to transport information from the pop up window to the opening window its easy

    in the popup you got something like this


    function warpItDown(what)


    opener.document.yourFormName.YourTextfieldName.val ue = what;

    this.close() //if you want to close the popup.



    and you must create a link in your popup like

    <a href="javascript:warpItDown('YourInformationHere') ">link</a>

    should work..
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