G5 is Possessed?

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Just got my G5 (2.5, ATI 9800XT), first mac eventhough I'm a graphic designer. Anyway, I left it on before I went to sleep and it went into sleep mode I guess, it basically turned off and the screen shut down. A little while later though as I was watching TV trying to fall asleep it just up and turned itself back on! Is this normal? I haven't really even turned it on in a few days because I've been too busy to play around on it so I don't know if it will happen again. I'll turn it on tonite but thought I'd ask the community if this is common or not unheard of.

I have 10.3.4. so I don't think it's a problem with my OS. Any other thoughts. I saw something in the Energy Saver settings that says "Wake for ethernet administrator access". Could that have been the culprit?



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    Very occasionally, I seen machine reawake because their mouse moves slightly.

    Because of the accuracy of todays optical mice, the mouse only has to be moved ever so slightly in order for it to recognise and register. A passing car or lorry, or somebody walking about next door can be enough to trigger the mouse. Certain surfaces seem to cause more problems than others, with laminated wood effect (like those found on IKEA desks) being particularly problematic.

    I've often seen Logitech and Microsoft mice flashing away because they think they are being moved, even although there is nobody near them.

    A good quality mouse seems to fix a lot of these problems.
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    Well, I do use a crappy IKEA desk, so that could be a culprit. In any case, I've had it on for the past couple of days, not plugged in to my monitor though, and I haven't seen it come on it that time. I sit by it most of the day too since I work from home.
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