1.33 Vs 1.5

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Ok with the powerbooks is there a big diffrence between the 1.33 chip and 1.5 chip. I currently have a 933 ibook so how faster would it be. Does any one have a PB with a 1.5 chip or a 1.33 chip. what do you think of it? Also besides for being cool is the back lit keyboard really worth the extraq cash, considering you get it with the 1.5




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    For every day stuff, mail, web, Word Processing, you wouldn't see a difference. But everything else you would see a big jump. Your adding about 500Mhz to the machine.
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    Uh, I believe that there is only a 170MHz difference? I have a 1.5GHz 15inch PB and a 1.33 12 and see little or no difference on everything I do. They have the same amount of RAM as well.
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    dude, you have an almost new kick-ass ibook. keep it and be happy
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    Well it may be newer but i find it a bit slow. I am a network admin/software developer. When i am programing php it can be a bit slow to do some things. mysql also runs a bit slow on it.
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