mac and windows network

in macOS edited January 2014
I am having a difficult time getting the mac to get on teh windows network.

I am on a windows 2003 server network, also on a domain that consists of two servers. I have a Apple G5 with Panther installed. My Administrator has turned on "File Server for Macintosh". I am able to connect to one of the servers, but am unable to connect to the server that is the Domain Controller w/ the Active Directory on it. Not sure how to or if it is possible.

I also am trying to share files with some of teh PC users. I have turned on ftp and am able to see my shared directory, but when I open them all I see is a ".localized" file. Not sure what that is, or where my files are. SMB is also turned on and the files are all .jpg's. I also placed a picture from a windows machine, but am only able to see that picture on the PC and not the mac.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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