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Ok I go to the university here and they have WEP enabled wireless internet. So I take it to the help desk and they went in and setup my iBook G3 which has an Airport card it in. So here is my question. Where in the heck is the wep key saved? The SSID is hidden but I know what it is. I had the WEP key but wrote it down and lost it. I tried to look under my Keychain access but there is no file. On my house WEP my password is saved in the keychain log but like I said the universities one is not. I do not want to go back to the help desk because they said I have to leave my laptop there and leave my passwords so they can access it when they restart it. It wil take them 7 hrs to type in a freakin wep key for my new laptop. So if I could get the WEP key off my old laptop it would be great. Sorry if this is in the wrong location, thought it was more software related. Thanks.

Cliff Notes - Can't find the darn WEP key file anywhere, including Keychain Access.


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    anyone know?? I need this on wireless by tomorrow and the university is no longer accepting laptops to put the WEP on because of the massive overload they have right now (they said to try monday that hopefully the pile of laptops would be down). Still can't believe it takes them 7 hrs to put in a WEP Key...
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