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Months ago, my friend casually mentioned he was thinking about buying an iBook (it would be his first Mac.) I said it was a fantastic idea and left it at that. He's played on my TiPB several times and seemed to like it. Nothing more happened, or was said, until he phoned tonight.

He bought an iBook several days ago and has been trying to figure it out by himself. He bought this laptop so that he can two-way video chat with his partner while they're both away at different colleges.

Here's where things are. So far, their first Mac experience (ever) has been trying to video chat an XP laptop with an iBook using MSN Messenger - eeek! (Obvious to us - not going to happen.) His partner is trying to help, but they're both only familiar with Windows. The whole thing has been very, very stressful.


He's coming over tomorrow and I have 1 hour to spend with him - eeek again. Couple of items I'd really appreciate feedback on:

1) Video chatting. As mentioned, they specifically bought computers so that they can two-way video chat each other. This has to happen between an iBook (soon to be in Vancouver, Canada) and an XP Laptop (soon to be in London, England.) To cover two bases, I've had each of them install iVisit and sign up for AIM. I'm pretty sure the iBook has a Logictech Pro 4000 and the XP has a Creative cam with a separate corded microphone.

After almost 30 minutes of learning (HOW AWFUL) iVisit's interface is, they can successfully video chat (see and hear each other.) Assuming they stay with this program, to actually make this work in the real world (Canada to the UK,) what broadband would work best? Any other considerations? Does anyone know how exactly the iVisit service works - lite vs paid. Is it a free trail period?

Is there someone that iChats with a friend in the UK? Any experiences that would help?

With this Xp-iBook setup, I'm assuming a two-way video iChat is not possible - or is it? Is a two-way audio iChat only possible if the windows webcam has a microphone built in? Or is it the Mac webcam? Help?

2) Upgrades to the iBook. He already bought an Airport Extreme Card (he's going to UBC and needs wifi,) but no additional ram. I think it's just got 256mb built in. He needs the additional ram, right?

3) Installing Airport Extreme Card. I've offered to do this for him tomorrow. Can anyone point me to a reference? I'm guessing he has the 12" brand new iBook. It may be 14".

4) Netscape Mail in Mail. This guy uses Netscape Mail for his email address. I know that Hotmail can't easily be checked by Panther's mail program, but what about Netscape. Is there a support page? Anyone know the appropriate Mail 'configurations' for Netscape Mail?

5) Recovery. There are some strong emotions about this VERY difficult start. Any suggestions on how to get "the iBook love" flowing?

I have 60 minutes to give this iBook a fair chance tomorrow.

Thanks to all for any help.


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    There is a httpmail plugin (Freeware) that allows OS-X mail to check Hotmail messsages like Outlook Express. Check Version Tracker.

    iChat and AIM will work fine. None of them have any restrictions on hardware compatability on their respective platforms.

    512MB of RAM is good, I personally use 1GB on my home computer. Use third party RAM where possible.

    You don't need to get the iBook love flowing. Ask him to try it out for a while and it will start by itself.
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