ipodmini lock up

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My i-pod mini has locked up on a certain song. Touching any button or hold, etc does nothing.

only thing I can think of is letting battery run out and then re-starting.

Any other ideas. Very annoying.


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    rfoyerfoye Posts: 11member

    Originally posted by tonton

    If holding down play and forcing the iPod to sleep doesn't help, oir doesn't work, you need to do a hard reset. The instructions are in your manual, but basically, you need to press and hold the menu and select buttons for about ten seconds.

    Here's Apple's official word on this:

    But if you're not near a power cable, you can skip to step 2 or go straight to step 3, which is the important step.

    awesome. it worked. Thanks so much. Should I expect for this to happen again, or you think it is just a glitch?
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    rfoyerfoye Posts: 11member

    Originally posted by tonton

    The Mini seems to be especially prone to this. I almost never have to reset my 3rd Gen 40GB, but I had to reset my girlfriend's mini twice on the first day I bought it (fortunately the problem hasn't come up again, because she wouldn't know what to do with it, and she doesn't have the patience for me to tell her in advance.)

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    Originally posted by tonton

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    I've had to reset my iPod mini several times. One time holding the buttons didn't reset it and somehow by the next morning the battery ran out and it started responding again. Other than freaking me out a few times, the unit is fine.

    I'm not gonna talk about women's styles.
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