Problems installing 10.3

in macOS edited January 2014
I posted a message earlier about having problems installing 10.3 from an external DVD. I never could get that working, so I bought 10.3 full install on CDs (This Imac has only a CD drive). Well, I am running into the same problem. When I click on the install icon, it says it must restart to begin. I click on restart. The computer restarts, but instead of continuing with the installation process, it just simply restarts. If I click on the installation icon again (after restarting), the whole process starts over again.

I have tried using the "C" key. I have also tried setting my start up disk to the CD and holding the C key then, too. Still no luck.

I just bought the used computer Imac G4 128 mb. Could there be something wrong with it? Any advice/ suggestions are welcomed.

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