New 'Mirror door' Powermacs don't allow OS9 on ATA100?

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Found this note on

"Today we received 4 Dual Ghz Mirror Door units. Our client asked us to set them up booting Mac OS 9.22 without OS X on it. They wanted us to create 3 separate partitions and gave us their 9.22 core build CD-ROMs.

Â* We started the install and ran into a small problem. When booting from our Mac OS 9.22 CD's, we could not get the hard drive to show on the desktop. In fact, it didn't even show in Drive Setup. Booting back into Mac OS 10.2 solved this, but this isn't what the customer wanted (we tried pretty much everything). The solution was to switch the hard drive onto the ATA 66 bus instead of the ATA 100 bus. As soon as we did that, the drive showed up on the desktop and we were able to perform the install.

Â* Apparently, the version of Mac OS 9.22 that comes with OS 10.2 has some slight enhancements which allows it to see the hard disk (when booting from it) on the ATA 100 bus. Getting info on some of the extensions (like classic support) you will see "Mac OS 9.22 Extra's 1.0" as the installer build . . . "

Does this mean you have to switch your drive to the ATA66 bus just to install off the OS9 CD . . . or does it mean that you can't install OS9 on that drive at all?

can anyone confirm or clarify?

When I get mine, I'd like to install OS9 only . . .

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    multimediamultimedia Posts: 1,027member
    I don't have any info on this interesting OS 9 bus issue. But at the Palo Alto Apple Store Firday night, one of the customers told me that it was a waste to put the system drive on the 100 bus. He recommended the system drive be attached to the 66 bus because the system was going to be in the RAM mostly. That is a primary reason for almost maxing out the RAM immediately upon receipt (1.75GB = &lt; $333 for 3x512-PC 2700 DDR in the dual GHz MDD).

    Bottom line: put a small 20 or 30 GB 7200 RPM drive (way less than $100) under the opticals and attach it to the 66 bus leaving stock 80 GB drive on the 100 bus for documents and scratch space.

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    jerombajeromba Posts: 357member
    sorry to interrupt but I see this like the first real step from Apple to eliminate OS 9.

    I think they are making some room for a new file system. Journaling system... Finally !
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    cindercinder Posts: 381member
    I'm not so sure that's accurate . . .

    If the system is 'in the RAM' most of the time - who cares which bus it's on?

    seems smarter to me to put everything on the ATA100 bus - or at least, put the main drive on there and a second on the ATA66
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    cindercinder Posts: 381member
    oh, and I'm all for a new filesystem - but not until Im 100% sure I can manage without OS9

    What's journaling?

    I've forgotten.
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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    OS 9 must die
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    multimediamultimedia Posts: 1,027member
    There will be no perceptable difference at the system level on either bus. The reason for a smaller fast drive is so the systems are CONFINED to a small space so they remain optimized.
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    [quote]Originally posted by ZO:

    <strong>OS 9 must die</strong><hr></blockquote>

    (stabs os 9 with a fork)

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