Compatible printers with Airport Express?

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When I got my Airport Express, I didn't yet have a printer in my office, I networked to the one in the office next to me. So as soon as I got it, I ran to Wally World after work and found the printer with the fastest pages per minute for the price that they had, a Lexmark X5250.

I've followed through the steps that are supposed to get my printer up and running through the Airport Express and as yet I've had no success.

Is this printer not compatible with the Airport Express for some reason? Or can you recommend something for me to do to check as to why it may not be working?

Is there a list of compatible printers so I can get one that does work?


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    ibook911ibook911 Posts: 607member
    My hp5150 works great on Airport Express from Mac & Windows machines. Of course, you have a much nicer printing you're trying to make work. There is a list at, but I find there are many printers that work, which are not listed.

    I hope someone else can provide you some specific information on your printer.
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    the express simply makes the usb printer networked

    aka just like using a dongle

    for osx support lookup

    osx uses cups so all you need to do is find

    the right ppd for it & make sure in

    /etc/cups/printers.conf the printer is set as

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