Apple trims complimentary iPod telephone support

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Here's the link to the article from Think Secret...

Quick Summary: Apparently Apple has limited you to only one support call for one incident. And additionally, this one free of charge support call can only be used within 90 days after you have bought your iPod.

While I realize that they do offer an iPod Apple care plan, this is still acting cheaply. One of the nice things I always liked about Apple is that they always offered decent support for their products.

What am I supposed to do if I don't have an Apple care plan and have troubles with my iPod. How do I contact Apple and tell them about it. Or can I simply take it into any Apple store and exchange it for a new one?



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    Well, I have called Apple support about ten times in the past month regarding my click-wheel ipod. I guess that makes it one incident, but they've actually given me a couple case numbers along the way. They never mentioned this policy.

    My click-wheel ipod is a joke. Maybe they are starting this policy to keep me from calling. My ipod arrived broken, and it has been in the shop for nearly three weeks now. I call every couple days, as they ask me to basically, but they are always mystified as to why a new one isn't shipping back to me. haha. By the time I get it back, the year warranty will be over. Needless to say, I am furious.
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