Floppy rescue

in General Discussion edited January 2014
The local High Schoolo here has a big problem, in particulat a former teacher of mine, he told my sister htis week that they couldn't recover the floppies that were always looseing data.


I finished HS in May, and all of my four years there, I have been pleading with anyone whos ear I could get to stop relying on floppies, and in it's place, set up a system mutch like i-Disk (which we already had on the intra-net, I suggested that they put it on a VPN so kids could access it from home or the public library.) This teacher has had students loosing disks for years so last year he asked me this same question, I suggested BadCopy so he bought it and he never got the shipment so that one is out.

He has all windows 2000 pro boxes, and 2 G3s that he successfully hid from the IT guys durring the upgade

Any help would be VERRY appreciated.

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