Tiger and iSync?

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From what little information there is that I can find on the subject, it appears that iSync Manger or whatever it is in Tiger will mostly just benefit you if you have .Mac.

Will it be able to do more than simply sync to your .Mac account? Such as syncing:

- Phones (current isync does this)

- iPod (current isync does this)

- External hard drives



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    Nobody has any idea.

    I realize that developers are under an NDA, but a simple "yes isync in Tiger seems to be moving towards doing things with other than .Mac or no it isn't."

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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    There is no iSync in Tiger. There's a "Sync Manager" and an "iSync Device Utility", which currently looks a lot like iSync used to.
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    I'm sorry. Yes I know about how they split iSync up into two different programs.

    But mostly all I have seen in terms of info and screenshots of these two programs is that they work more closely with .Mac.

    Will these two programs do more than just sync more of your settings with .Mac?

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    Originally posted by MPMoriarty

    I realize that developers are under an NDA

    yes, they are
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