Norton Personal Firewall: Error message at login screen

in Mac Software edited January 2014

My system: Mac OS 10.3.5, PM G5, Dual 1,8.

I have installed Norton Internet Security 2.0, after the install process, I haven´t done a restart, but updated NIS directly (tip from other mac users, should prevent error messages). NIS runs good, but the configuration of the Norton Personal Firewall causes the following error message appearing at the Mac OS login: "Norton Internet Firewall: Error at start. Due to a system error, access attempts will not be logged or dispalyed. SysCtl 0.) I thought this message appeares because my MacOS firewall is active, deactivated after the NPF install by NIS itself). So I deleted the Norton Personal Firewall and reactivated the OS firewall. But the message still appears at the OS login screen. What can I do now? Should I delete the whole Norton Internet Security software? NIS 2.0 has been updated by all update files. I don´t want to buy the 3.0 version, it´s too expensive and now I´m not sure if it will run better that 2.0. Thank you very much in advance. macben
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