What DPI to use for projected slideshow?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I have used iMovie and iDVD to do a number of photo slide shows. Actually they are movies, as I import the photos into iMovie and use the Ken Burns zooming (with about a 1.2 factor) effect on them. The photos always looks fine and very crisp even on my 27 inch Sony television. A friend would like me to make a photo slide show for her wedding. They will be using a laptop computer and some type of projector to show on a screen at the reception.

I typically scan everything at 300 DPI. My question is, should that still be sufficient for the projected slide show? If possible, I'd rather not increase DPI as when scanning a large number of photos, the scan time for each photo can really add up.

Thanks for your assistance!!
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