xlr8yourmac.com 970fx problem discussion

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Today's front page of http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/ has a succinct discussion of IBM's problems with the 970fx. M.Isobe writes:


According to the article (IBM Power developers' newsletter -- ed.), 970FX with 1.3V Vdd has a reliability problem. So, the upper voltage is limited to 1.2V. I think it was the reason for the CPU Vcore was 1.2V in newer revision of Xserve G5.

The article also stated that IBM's 90nm process has a problem that prevents operation below 1.0V Vdd. So, I can speculate current situation of 970FX;

1) The reliability problem in high voltage (Vdd > 1.2V) operation inhibits faster (> 2.5GHz) chip,

2) We cannot expect ULV revision for PowerBook because 90nm 970FX does not work below 1.0V.

Makes sense to me. Leave it to IBM to give us the details, in stark contrast to Moto.


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