ibooks's charger ring is always green

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Hi, I've purhased an ibook (late 2001) recently and my chargers

ring is always green.

Nevertheless the battery charges normally and the leds on the battery

work fine to. The thing is that the wife of the previous owner has accidentally ripped of a silver cap of the plug Maybe that is the problem. Anyway maybe any of you have experienced this problem and is it something I should worry about?

Thank you.


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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    If it charges, then it's functional. There may be some loose connection in the plug though. I've gone through many chargers and I find them too delicate, so I would be a little careful with plugging it and wire management.
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    chych >> thank you for your reply. Today i had a chance to take a look at another ibook, it came with that round one charger which doesnt glow at all. But when i've plugged my charger into that ibook, the ring was green aswel when charging. So i guess charger is the problem. well I can live with that as long as it charges the battery.
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