strange networking error message

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Doh! When everything with the network was working so well... something just had to go wrong.

I have my powerbook networked through a router with a windows computer, they both are on "MSHOME" and communicate fine between each other for transferring files and the such. But recently, when I try to access the windows computer, I get the error message "the alias "liufamily" could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found." The computer obviously sees the other cuz I see the icon, but it keeps giving me this message. I tried repairing disk permissions with no avail. Also, the PC doesn't see the Mac, but strangely enough printing through the pc from the mac works fine (network printing)... Any suggestions?


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    Firewall messed up on the Mac?
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    I had this same problem. I am not sure what caused it, but I can still connect to the computer by selecting "Go > Connect to server" from the finder. In server address you enter smb://xx.xx.xx.xx/sharename where "xx.xx.xx.xx" is the ip address of the windows computer and "sharename" is the name of the shared drive or folder. I hope this works for you.
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    wow... I somehow got to the top of apple's support on telephone.

    So here's how it went... I called apple's support number and got put on a waiting list, with a man's voice droning about the wait time and so on, after 2 minutes I heard dialing of numbers, then got transferred (I think to the UK) where the voice changed to a womans... at 5 minutes a guy answers with a british accent and asks for serial number and so on.

    Now here is where the fun begins, he has me do a bunch of different things (connect to server by ip, name, etc., change settings, and restart the computer) So we do this for about 40 minutes and he finally goes, I exhausted all means, and he starts asking for specs and information to gather data. He then said he was going to transfer me to a tech specialist, which he did. The specialist picks up after 4 minutes of silence (I guess he was reading the document or something) and says that my problem is a very unique and strange one and that he has contacted the engineering division (woah! ). If they need more info or found a fix that they would notify him and he would send me a e-mail or call me.

    The only alternative, he said was to archive and reinstall the os... So that's my journey, somehow made it to the top, with no fix.
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