Kingston HyperX memory in G5

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Does anyone know if the Kingston HyperX DDR400 (PC3200) RAM from my PC would work in the Apple G5? I was thinking of buying a DP1.8 G5 with the 256Mb memory, taking that memory out and flogging it to a mate, and then use my 1Gb HyperX memory to save a few quid. There may be compatability issues if the 256Mb is left in there as they probably will have different timings.




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    RAM on the PowerMac G5 has to be installed in Pairs (2 at a time). These pairs have to match exactly in size as well such as 2x128, 2x256, 2x512, 2x1GB. I found this out the hard way with my 2.0Ghz Rev. B G5. So if you have a 1GB stick of RAM then no it's not going to work, you will have to buy another 1GB stick. Kingston PC3200 RAM will work in the G5. Any brand of RAM will work in a G5. Hope this helps.
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    ic1maleic1male Posts: 121member
    Thanks for your reply.

    To add a little more information - the DDR memory requirements of the G5 would seem to be the same as Intel Pentium 4 systems (installed in matched pairs, etc.)

    I am currently using two sticks of 512Mb in my PC (which is sold as 1Gb kit by Kingston). From what you say, it looks like everything will work hunky-dory.
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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member
    Is there a reason RAM has to be installed in pairs [reminds me of way back]?

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