10.3 On 4th Gen iPod?

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Could anyone tell me if it's wise to install Mac OS 10.3 on a 4th Gen iPod?

I would like to use it as a back up start up disk.

But since OS X has virtual memory it would keep the ipods HD active all the time and so it could heat up too much after say 2 hours of use right?

The only other way i can think of where the ipods HD would get a rest is if i used BootCD app to make the OS X disk as that doesn't use VM as people can use that from cd-r and i hear my optical drive stop after say 10min of no activity. Guess the ipod would do the same?

Does the ipods HD shut it self down when it see's nothing is going on from it's firmware or from the Mac OS when one connects it?

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    I don't know how possible it is but i don't think I would want my little ipod HD churning away swapping page files and shortening its life span. I can't imagine it would be that fast either.
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    its very possible to boot from your ipod, and instructions can be found in numerous places. i have a book sitting 2 feet from me ("Secrets of the iPod: Fourth Edition) that explains how to do it and everything, but i dont feel like re-typing everything. As far as wear and tear, yes, your hard drive will take a beating, but thats just part of the sacrafice you must make to boot from an iPod. I can't see why you would need to run off the iPod for more than like 30 minutes to get problems fixed on your main drive, so that shouldn't be too bad. Also note that having an OS installed on your iPod will probably slow down the iPod OS/accessing music and effectively reduce your battery life because the hard drive will have to search more for all of your music. (You're basically fragmenting the disk by installing an OS.)

    If you need to boot from an iPOd, do it, but I would stay away fomr it otherwise.
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