How much RAM can an G3 iMac use?

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My neighbor has a G3 slotloading iMac. It only has 64mb of RAM and she wants to load Panther. She is currently running os9. When I open the access door on the bottom of the mac I see two slots. I thought that I should be able to load 512mb chips in each slot but I was told today that it will only accept 512mb total. Is this right and if so what is the other slot for? And can the iMac take pc100 and pc133 ram?


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    To find the max ram for most Mac's go to: .

    From there pick the model and it will tell you the max ram in the second column. So it will be either 256 or 512. I like Crucial for my ram. They also walk you thru getting the right chip for what you want.

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    my 400 DV indigo is loaded with one 512 stick. If I wanted to I could go and buy another, but 512 is plenty for me. There is no "hard limit" of 512 on the iMac, you could load a gig if you wanted to.

    PC100 or PC133 will work just fine.
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