Battery Backup for a Powermac

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Anyone using a battery backup with their Mac?

I'm looking for a good reasonably priced one, I'd appreciate your recommendations.


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    APC is popular, but if you want usb auto-shutdown features, CHECK AHEAD. I bought a back-ups 350 or something like it. The box said it will work with OS 9.2. It fails to mention that it only works with B&W G3's and later. (I have a Beige G3.)

    The battery backup works great with my laptop though. Go figure...
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    I did some researche for a while on this to find something I could use to monitor with a MAc. I ended up going with a trip Lite. It has USb and i belive OS X has software for it. Nice units. I also bought a couple years ago a MGe, this is also good, but not as many features.
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    I have an APC BackUPS Office 350VA and ES 500VA and I am happy with both. However, the next time I buy a UPS (which should be a long time down the road) I will be one of the higher end modles.

    My reason for this is they better modles aproximate the sine wave more acuratly, in addition to larger batteries, ect. If I hook up a 60 watt light bulb to my 350VA you can see quite a bit of flicker, not somthing you want feeding your computer in anything other than an emergancy.
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