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Will charging the ipod battery even if there is three bars or two bars left in the battery meter shorten the life of the battery?

or shall i wait till there is only one bar left? please advice? dun wanna my new ipod to spoil so fast....

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    No it won't do any damage i was told. Because of the 'special' battery Apple used (i'm no expert), you don't have to drain the battery before recharging it. Anyone can confirm this and explain a bit better

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    The lithium polymer battery in an iPod doesn't suffer the memory effects that would destroy part-charged nickel-cadmium batteries, so charge it as and when you please: they don't mind.

    Shouldn't this be in Digital Hub?

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    Resently I noticed that when I take my iPod after being fully charged (says "Charged" on the screen) the first bar is not lit. So it says its charged but there are only 3 bars. Also, Since the begining i noticed that the ipod battery will run out when its around the second bar. I dont think I'v ever seen my iPod show only 1 bar. Thoughts?
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    i have seen my iPod show one bar, it depends on how you use it. if you're doing random song play, your batterly life will jump around. it takes a hit when it spins up and writes the songs to memory, then jumps back up when it's reading from solid state memory again.

    on the other hand, when you just play them in order, it's already read the next song, so doesn't spin up as much.

    and yes, this should be in the digital hub (although it seems well answered) so i'll move it there now.

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