Miglia DVR Best settings for VHS to DVD?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I bought a PowerMac 2x1.8 (10.3.5 - 1GB RAM) and installed the Miglia PCI DVR to convert my tapes to DVD. I have some problems with the quality.

When I use MPEG-4 and best framerates I get serious artifacts with Toast.

Especially when I use the high quality setting.

When I use Motion JPEG these artifacts don't appear, however I have more frame drops. However, conversion to DVD is slower and I am unable to use Imovie.

I only can use IMovie when I record with Motion JPEG and small fragments of 9 minutes.I also used once the Firewire Formac DVR but I also have framedrops here.

The strange thing is that a month ago, I tried the same Formac DVR on a Dual G4 2x1.25 and there were no frame drops. (10.3.4)

Can someone give me some advice here?

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