Here's another ANONYMOUS submit

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Just for fun, here's another one we received.

Anonymous source:

" I have some late news of interest to the Mac


Expect a couple of surprises during the Philnote.

Phil will introduce the new iMac model, which will be

behind a curtain sitting on a desk. The curtain is to

be lit so that a silhouette is produced by a person at

the desk using the computer, and the curtain is to

change colors ala the iPod design motif in simulation

of the chameleon casing on the iMac.

The surprise comes when the curtain drops and the

person using the computer is none other than Steve

Jobs. Supposedly Steve will then take over the

keynote to talk about the design and features of the


This will be a fun way to kickoff the new iMac line."


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