incoming messages and rules

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I just wanted to check with the forum if I am the only one with this problem or it's a "known issue".

I use (latest) on Panther, but this happened with Jaguar too. I have some incoming rules such as when a specific sender or recipient is specified to move the message to a specific folder on my Mac.

Often, when I download new messages from my pop3 and/or IMAP (I have 3 active accounts) messages are both copied into the specified folder but also remain in the "inbox". For some reason the "disappear" after a while, probably at the next re-index of the inbox. Most of the times checking new messages or reading emails in another folder does the job. What is funny is that if I read the incoming message before it disappears, it will remain there until I delete it. If I delete it, in the "specified folder" still remains another copy of the message (that is to say: I have two copies of the same message).

I agree that it's better to have two copies of the same message rather than losing it, but still I would like the "move" to be automatic and not updated at the next re-index or so.

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