New G4 motherboard question

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From MacUser UK:

"The motherboard in the top two models has been completely redesigned and is based around the same architecture as the xserve."

"The mid range 1GHz model uses the new and faster motherboard."

I was considering buying the 867MHz Dual until I read this article.

I assumed that all three of the new machines had the new motherboard, and that the FSB could be switched to accommodate the different configurations.

Am I misreading this article, or does the 867MHz machine have a crippled motherboard like the Yikes?


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    Well, even the lo-end configuration features DDR-RAM and the new enclosure, so it can't be using the old-style motherboard.

    EDIT: Oh, and even the old-style motherboard isn't in any way "crippled" like Yikes was - the main issue with the latter was that it was basically a G3 motherboard, and thus couldn't actually use the G4 that shipped with it to its full potential.



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    AFAIK, the only difference between the DP867 and DP1000 mobos is the northbridge-speed, which is 33MHz = 25% faster on the DP1000...
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    Thanks Guys!

    I think I'll go for that 867MHz DP after all!

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