Sell 17" 1.33ghz pb for 1.8ghz 17" iMac?

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I can get the iMac the way i want with educational for 1700. I can sell my PB for 2000. Its a 17" Powerbook 1.33ghz with 1gig ram and an carry case. Perfect condition phsyically. For a 1.8ghz 17" iMac. Iv only taken this computer with me 1 time that i needed it, and really then i didnt need need it. I take it to a friends occasionally. It has the upgraded 80gig hd with 5400rpm to.


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    Based on my reasons, would you do the same thing?
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    Apple is blurring the lines between portability and luggability with this new iMac.

    But if you don't require portability (make sure you don't), then I'd go for it.

    However, I wonder if people considering a PB will remain on the fence longer waiting for that elusive G5 laptop.
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    True, but they have stated that it will be while before you see a G5 powerbook.
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