Upgrade tip for TiBook

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Hi everyone, I'm wondering about the best direction to take with my almost-two-year-old TiBook 867. Its 40GB hard disk is starting to fill up, and I remember someone's fancy formula about being over half full a bad thing with OS X and the way it manages virtual memory. Anyway, I'm thinking about popping in a new hard disk pretty soon, and was wondering if this is indeed a good route to go, and what drives you all recommended.

Hitachi has an 80GB Travelstar now, albeit at 4200 RPM; I was hoping to go a little faster --- from what I hear, this improves overall performance, right?

Thanks in advance as always!


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    If you are after raw speed, get the 60GB 7200 rpm drive from IBM/Hitchi, or perhaps the less fast 5400 rpm 80GB model from the same people.
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    fred_ljfred_lj Posts: 607member
    To anyone that has a 7200RPM drive in their PowerBook: is it an annoyance, or have they managed to keep it quiet enough?
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