Upgrading a Powermac G4 Processor

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Is it possible to upgrade a 933Mhz processor with one of the new Powerlogix or Sonnet 1gig processors?

If it is does it have to be a single processor or can it be converted to a dual 1gig processor, and how difficult is it to install?


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    As far as I know it is possible to upgrade you QuickSilver to a single, or dual GHz proccessor. I seem to remember reading that they were compatible with all G4's all the way back to the original Sawtooth machines(Am I right?). Or at least back to the Digital Audio machines. Either way, I think you're ok to upgrade.

    As for how difficult it would be. I have no idea. I've never upgraded a CPU before. Maybe someone else could shed some light on this.

    -Dual 867
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    Your computer is too new to waste your money on a processor upgrade. It will be much less expensive for you to sell the 933 and buy the dual 867 or dual GHz MDD. I'm sure you can get over a thousand dollars for your 933. Maybe even $1500. Superdrive?

    If you are hell bent on doing a processor upgrade, the dual 800 is only $775 and it's a piece of cake to install. But think about it. There is no way it makes economical sense for you to upgrade a 933 QuickSilver when you can sell it and buy a Jaguar ready dual 867 for less than the $775 a dual 800 upgrade would cost.

    Hell, on Ebay you might even get someone to buy your 933 for $2K. There is no comprehending how many computer buyers on EBay a clueless about what they SHOULD pay for so many overpriced pieces of history.
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