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I can't for the life of me find anything that can let my 2 year old iMac G4 connect well to the 802.11b wireless network in our house. I've been looking for 3rd party options to save money but the only Mac compatible reciever I can find is a crappy little D-Link one that has given me nothing but problems for the last week. It constantly loses the connection and freezes up my computer.

What can I do? Is my best bet to eBay one of the discontinued Airport 802.11b-only cards, or can anyone strongly recommend another solid Mac compatible reciever? (Preferably less than the $120 old Airports are eBaying for)

Also: If I were to eBay an old Airport card, is the card itself all that I need to connect to the network, or do I need the whole box with original documents and CDs and whatnot to "install" it?

Thanks a ton for any help or suggestions.


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    If it was 3 weeks earlier , i could have helped you out. I sold my older airport card to placebo for $30. I'm not sure what your best bet is going to be. Why don't you just have it hardwired in...it is an imac afterall and you probably have it sitting still all the time.

    You could go ghetto wifi, like i used to do. That's where you get a 50ft ethernet cable and pretend your on wifi by walking a round with a long cord.

    As for what you'd need.....you may need the card holder piece that came in the box, and maybe the disc. Although ...i bet you can download drivers from apple if you have no disc. if your imac doesn't have a simple built-in for airport...that extra piece probably is needed. i sent it all to placebo...regardless of if needed.
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    Ya I saw Placebo's thread, that lucky bastard.

    I need WiFi because I just got a new house with four other college friends of mine. We're (obviously) renting it so we can't just drill holes and run wires to every room, so we're all just doing wireless. They all have PC's, so they're good to go.

    I haven't opened up the bottom of my iMac in quite a long time, but i think it oughtta be Airport ready down there. It's a 700mhtz G4.
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    Look for a wireless bridge (a small external box that connects via your Ethernet port). Linksys makes one, as does Netgear and probably several other vendors. Configuration is via your browser - not nearly as slick as Apple's software, but workable, and there are no drivers to install.

    One advantage of an external device is that it can easily be repositioned for the best signal strength, even if your computer is in a poor signal-reception location.
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    CompUSA is out of stock. If you try and buy it from that link it'll tell you.
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