DDR ram in dual 867 question

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I have ordered a new dual 867 (grrrr been waiting so long but that is another story). Can I put DDRPC2700 in it or will it only work with the 2100? And if it will work, would there be any advantages/disadvatages to doing so. My PC friend says that it is backwards compatible but I wanted to check and make sure. Also can I buy DDR ram that is made for PCs as long as the specs are the same? Is ram, just ram no matter what computer it goes in?



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    you should be able to use PC 2700 DDR-SDRAM, but that's pointless, as its going to run at 2100 and is more expensive than if you buy 2100 from the start.

    Also you can buy PC RAM as long as it meets apples requirements. (ie non registered, non ecc etc etc)

    The requirements for the ram can be foud on apples tech sheets.

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