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I buy a lot of Apple stuff and I'm desperately trying to remember when I last had a product ship when originally promised. Despite ample past experience, I have spent the last week all a-twitter for my new Big Honkin' Screen (BHS).

I really think the company needs to make it standard practice not to announce anything until they have at least 800,000 units in a warehouse, inventory and financials be damned.

On the brighter side, this means I won't have to spend the next three months looking at my big screen wishing I had the extended edition "The Return of the King" for a 30-inch 12-hour iron-ass marathon.


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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    You do wonder why they can't ramp up sooner. Seems that Wallstreet really loves to hear "Demand is overwhelming" and because of that "Production delays are expected."

    And Apple is getting very good at this part of the game.

    It does go hand in hand with pushing the limits of new parts and new design configurations. As long as they can keep coming out with great products it is livable, but still frustratingly predictable.
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