What degree of success will iMac G5 be?

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Everyone here appears to have an opinion on this new iMac. Some love it, some hate it. But we all eventually will vote with our wallets and will ultimately determine the future of this model version.

I'm hoping it takes off like the original. But I'm inclined to believe it will be a moderate success, only because of mass appeal for expandable systems (although many never actually upgrade a thing). The AIO while serving a purpose, is a smaller niche market.


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    We won't see a computer that is a smash hit like the Jellybeans for a while.

    The iMac G5 will sell better than the sunflower. I think the sunflower had price limitations. People wanted more than a 15" LCD for their $1299. Also let us not forget that Apple actually raised the price $50 claiming the LCD costs rose sharply. This was not consumer confidence inspiring after proclaiming the "CRT is dead".

    This iMac G5 will sell in sunflower numbers with the primary difference being that it will not tail off as badly as the sunflower did. 17" LCD are the driving force here. Consumers have always wanted bigger screens and now they get the necessary screen size and quality at an affordable price.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    If it doesn't make the cover of Time, it'll be a flop, OBVIOUSLY.
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    In the UK, at least, the new iMac stands a very good chance of making it big time. The old 17" 1.25GHz G4 iMac sold for £1500, while the new 17" G5 is up for £1050 instead, with the 20" version available for £1350 instead of £1800. Even the top of the range iMac in the UK is now cheaper than that entry level PowerMac by £100 ($160). That is as it should be and now makes the iMac a viable option for companies looking for professional machines for more minor purposes such as Secretarial or non demanding tasks.

    I'm amused at all the will it/won't it make it speculation going on, personally I hated the old iMac but this new one is really nice looking and has more than sufficient power for its intended use. The people who bitch most about needing more power are often the ones that need it least. I'd like a new PowerMac, iMac and Powerbook as they are all well up on my lowly 550MHz TiBook. However most likely I will get a tablet PC using XP next as I have enough need for Windows apps that would just be too slow on VPC, and the tablet will let me run those while allowing me to keep all my other computer safely Mac.


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    Originally posted by Placebo

    If it doesn't make the cover of Time, it'll be a flop, OBVIOUSLY.

    It will make the cover of time.
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    Originally posted by Vox Barbara

    It will make the cover of time.

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