Help: Browsers misbehaving in OSX 10.2.8

in macOS edited January 2014
A website I have created in Adobe GoLive 6.0.1 is uploaded but is being displayed wrongly in IE5.2.2, Netscape 7.2, Safari and Opera in OSX 10.2.8. Images are missing on various pages - not just broken links but totally gone. Also, browsers will not connect to some websites (ie. - starts loading, "waiting for" but never completes). Necessary Flash plug-ins are installed.

However, there are no problems when connecting/loading the same sites in OS9.2.2.

The mentioned problem has not been solved after erasing HD and reinstalling both OS, as well as browsers which I have recently done. Emptying cache in browsers doesn't help. Could there be a conflict with other applications as it is obviously not browser specific, or is it something in OSX, since there is no problem in OS9.2?


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    OK, finally figured it out myself:

    Looking at the source code in the browsers on a page with missing images it turned out that Norton Privacy Control had blocked them. Disabling ad blocking in Norton Privacy Control set-up solved it. Why on earth those images had been blocked (as well as the Nikon website), I have no idea.

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