Can apple ship anything on time?

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So the newest article by AI claims apple will no longer be able to ship 30" LCD screens on time. Lets recap on some of the promised shipping dates that have moved back in the last year or so.

1. Rev A PowerMac g5 (all of them, especially the dual 2.0)

2. XServe G5 (this went on for 5+ months)

3. eMac 1.2ghz 1 month after it was released (the last one released)

4. iMac G4 supplies disappeared (couldn't release iMac g5 quick enough)

5. Rev B PowerMac g5 (dual 2.0 and dual 2.5 90nm procs)

6. NVidia 6800 ultra (yes this is apple's fault, not NVidias)

7. Apple LCD 30" (just added to the list).

8. I'll bet money the iMac g5 gets delayed too.

If you ask me, that is a hefty list to have hovering over your head. If I had any stock what so ever in a company that had this kind of track record I would definitely sell it. That is one year and about 60% of their hardware products!

I think Apple needs to find other people to produce their parts if this continues to happen. This isn't healthy for anyone. Especially including things like this in their "date pushback" emails: "If we do not hear from you or we cannot ship your order by the revised date above, we are required by federal law to cancel your order and issue a prompt refund, and we will do so."

Aren't you guys getting fed up with this poor company management (or what have you)?


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    msanttimsantti Posts: 1,377member
    You forgot the iPod mini.

    Yeah, its pretty bad.

    They have had delays before but its getting more out of control now.
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,455member
    Oh yah!! forgot about that one

    yah it is getting out of control. These last 4 months have definitely proved so.
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    I've come to the same conclusion that Apple is really starting to have a problem getting product out the door on time. How do they think they will ever get above 3% if they can't meet the demands of the loyal customers that hey have.
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,455member
    At this pace I don't believe apple will ever get above 3% or even maintain a 3%. I also think apple is running out of opportunities to prove itself in the hardware field. Yes they are great innovators, but most innovators do just that... innovate for other companies.


    I hate to say this, but if apple EVER wants to get above a 3% market share, they MUST sell a non all-in-one consumer machine. No matter what the speed is. Remember their LC machines? They were cheap and sold well. Its time for apple to get back into a machine pc switchers can buy that is below 1k and does NOT HAVE A MONITOR!!!! I know they could do it. Why won't they? My guess is it isn't as profitable for them in the short term. They need to focus on the long term though.
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    OK I'm back! Been away for ages but decided I want to chime in on this one. I am NOT defending Apple here but remember they cant ship what they dont have. If IBM, LG or Phillips (whoever makes the 30" screen), Hitachi (iPod mini drive) and Nvidia cannot supply the components then Apple cant ship them can they? I imagine it is a very hard decision to make, when to announce products. Apple know they need to have new stuff to sell, but I bet they announce knowing full well that delays are going to happen. (Except maybe with the 90nm G5, that one seems to have been a nasty surprise) Like I said, I dont think that Apple are necessarily doing the right thing, basically pre-announcing something. I think they should be a little more patient and just announce everything when it can be shipped straight away. Pre-orders just piss people off, and look how mad people get when you drop $3000+ on a Mac and then dont get it for 2 months. Rubbish frankly. When you buy a new computer you want to use it now, not in 2-3 months time!
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,455member
    Agreed bud.

    They need to announce things when they can be shipped immediately. They did an awesome job with the laptops this year. They were available immediately.

    Perhaps this is the reason the rumor sites have been so dry lately... apple doesn't know what they are going to ship until 3-4 weeks until they ship... and the products still aren't ready... perhaps a few prototypes for announcing.

    I realize a lot of this isn't their fault... but choosing the announce dates and shipping dates is.
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    The Imac G5 have been already delayed. It was scheduled to be announced in june, but Apple did not want an another shipping fiasco.

    The Expo Paris is a big event, and it was a nice place to announce it, some weeks in advance.

    My shipping order say late september, and I firmly believe that Apple will be on time.

    The PPC 970 FX 1,8 ghz and 1,6 are produced since april, and have a very_conservative clock speed. Apple will be in time (or I kill them )
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