Battery usage - what is best?

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For making the battery keep charge longest, which is best? I seldom need to use battery - can go for weeks on end just on mains power.

Should I use the battery often? Or is it better to just never use it unless needed?

If I use it for 10 minutes, should I use it until it runs out or should I charge from there?

Powerbook 12" G4. Currently getting around 2 hours life, alas.



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    Take a look here .

    I've been using my 12" Powerbook (Rev. A) for 1 1/2 years and still have 86% of the full capacity left (over 3 hours real usage).

    I take it to university every day, and use battery power when I need it, or when the battery is below 95% (that's when the battery begins to charge).

    If you only need AC power you can even take the battery out and store it at a cool place, but I wouldn't do it.

    Just use your powerbook the way you NEED it, in three years you will have to change the battery or the powerbook anyway ;-)
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