15" iMac @ $999?

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Just a few months ago I would have bought the 17" eMac, 16" viewable 'cause it's a CRT, over the woefully underpowered and overpriced iMacs. Apple should have also included a 15" to the iMac lineup priced at $999 while lowering the price of the eMac to: Combo Drive @ $649 and SuperDrive @ $799 while adding a $549 eMac with a plain ol' CD ROM to compete with then super cheep PCs. Of course I don't have a clue what it costs to produce an eMac. It just might be possible to sell them for this price and make any money.


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    The 15" would have looked awkward. The 17" looks tiny because the motherboard could only be so small so you have that vast expanse of white plastic below the monitor. A 15" would make this expanse even larger.

    Quite honestly I don't think consumers really value LCDs over CRTs that much. What I mean is, when given a choice between a 15" LCD or a 17" CRT I believe a majority of people will chose the 17" CRT. Size trumps form factor here. No one likes to scroll all day long in their documents. The 15" LCD was one of the detrimental reasons why the iMac G4 didn't sell very well. The iMac G5 corrects this very well.
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