Apple Shipping Duds?

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My college gives each student an IBM thinkpad. This year they gave the Art Majors an option to get an Apple iBook. This resulted in the school getting about 300 iBooks this semester.

12 of them were reported as DOA. Are 4% of Apple's computers really duds or is something funny going on here?

I also saw a couple iBooks come into the helpdesk with problems requiring repair shortly after they were issued.

I doubt we're getting the whole story, but 12 computers dead right out of the box is pretty bad. Of the thousands of thinkpads we got, I don't even think that many were dead out of the box.


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    dunno. i haven't heard anything here at the U of MN about them being bad. however, it is possible that a shipment of iBooks got mistreated, exposed to the elements in a way they were supposed to etc.

    that can do bad stuff.
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    Shit happens. I don't think there is generally anything wrong with Apples stuff, we'd have heard that a long time ago. remember the mold lines in the cube, that were thought of as cracks?

    All hell broke loose then.

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    Yeah, like I said, I don't think we're getting the entire story. They could have been mistreated in shipment. The techs might not know what the hell they're doing. I don't know. I've never really had problems with Apple's stuff, at least not on the level we saw here but again, most of the details are shrouded in secrecy.
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    [quote] remember the mold lines in the cube, that were thought of as cracks? <hr></blockquote> I remember that Steve Jobs even called one guy up on the phone and told him they were just mold lines
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    Probably not getting the whole story.

    We received over 100 IBM Intellistations at my last job, as well as the same number of NEC LCD displays.

    Out of that , one monitor had a bad cable. One IBM has a bad CD-ROM, another had a crack in the side of the case. Two or three had loose cables, but tons of them had their front USB ports literally snapped off into the case (at least two dozen).

    Now that could've been from shipping and handling, but who really knows?
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