What books to buy

in General Discussion edited January 2014
After being a long time Linux and windows user I recently returned to the fold known as Apple(I grew up on Apple ]['s and Mac Classics). What I want to know is what good books are there for the Mac for a Linux and Windows and administrator? I am aware of David Pogue's "Missing Manual" book and intend on buying it but does anyone have any other recommendations for me? I saw the O'Reilly Mac OSX for Unix Geeks and that seems interesting. Is it useful?

To folks and idea of the questions I have am looking for answers to(these are examples, I don't need them answered, though answers are appreciated).

How can I mount a samba share that is not normally browsable, specifically my home directory on a samba server which is set to be not browseable?

Is there any reason that I, as an experienced Unix admin shouldn't enable the root account?

Any recommendations folks can make would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there are particularly good websites that have a wealth of reference information, I'm open to those as well.


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